Honolulu Massage and Bodywords owner Kenji Wrathall

About Us

Kenji Wrathall has over 12 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist in the state of Hawaii. He became interested in massage during his childhood, when his mother taught him that giving shoulder massages can make people feel better. He attended the American Institute of Massage Therapy and completed his apprenticeship under the amazing Rita Moon on the island of Lana`i, moving on to work in many spas and massage establishments in a variety of capacities. From the humblest of massage businesses to the the largest spa company in the world, Kenji has managed massage departments, trained therapists, and worked as a consultant internationally.
His child-like desire to make people feel better through massage is still there, but through his years of experience, has developed into a passion for providing tailored treatments to fit each client's needs. He opened Honolulu Massage & Bodyworks in November 2012 and is dedicated to giving customized service at an affordable price.
Please call (808) 292-8229 to schedule an appointment today with Kenji and his team.